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Chapter 213 Reborn

  • The assistant was glad when she saw Shangguan Li’s eyes lit up with hope, she scratched her head in shame, “I’ve misunderstood her, haven’t I?”
  • Shangguan Li rose up and pushed her window open, allowing the fresh breeze to caress her face, “I’ve never thought that one day I could be so relaxed when facing all these. It was Yan Wen that saved me. She made me believe that I still have a future and a hope. That kind of courage is what I lacked. And anyone from the showbiz might be there for their looks or by luck, but I’m sure that Yan Wen was not one of them!”
  • “Only now I understand why the ever so disinterested Mr. Jiang would be with Yan Wen. It was because she’s worth it… I think she was the only one that was worthy to be by his side in the whole world.”
  • The assistant didn’t know what had Yan Wen said to Shangguan Li and made her so inspired. But Yan Wen had undoubtedly saved the woman, and she would be grateful to Yan Wen forever, and remember her saving grace.
  • Now the woman called Shangguan Li was different. She was courageous and determined…
  • Shangguan Li closed her eyes shut and made a silent vow. She etched this grace from Yan Wen to her heart and vowed that should a day Yan Wen face any hurdle, she would give it her all to save her.
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