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Chapter 504 Yan Family Gathering

  • Since they had decided to attend the gathering, Jiang Sui-an made some adjustments for his meeting schedule and accompanied the mother and daughter over.
  • “Mum, you go get some rest in the hotel room. Let me go check things out first,” Yan Wen held Zeng Eryu’s hand, “I don’t want anything to happen to you, and now Yan Rou must have thought you have been murdered by those hitmen.”
  • “Alright Wen, you must be careful with your body and baby too,” Zeng Eryu looked at her daughter and then to her son in law, “Sui-an, take care of her.”
  • Jiang Sui-an nodded solemnly and helped Yan Wen off the car.
  • When the husband and wife entered the dining room, a good number of Yan family elders had reached. When old man Yan saw that Jiang Sui-an came together with Yan Wen, he smiled and nodded, and then he introduced his grandson in law to the other family elders.
  • When Yan Rou came in after them, she saw Yan Wen’s elegant smile and how the other elders were treating her with respect and admiration.
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