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Chapter 172 Her beauty

  • “Let me check what was going on back home!” Jiao JingHang dashed off to another room to make his calls.
  • He could understand how desperate Cheng Yun was to not let Yan Wen get famous.
  • She wanted to be the one controlling Yan Wen but she didn’t have the capacity. So the only thing she could do was using underhanded means. A person like that was unworthy to be the president of Ole. She was no longer the friend that he knew for the past ten years.
  • Yan Wen had faith in Jiao JingHang that he would settle the issue without a problem. But she drew a close line, except for Jiang Sui-an, she would not give her full trust in another man.
  • Xia was a little worried, “Maybe Cheng Yun had always suspected that we were related to Da Hua. Not only my engagement with Qing Yu. She wanted to make sure once and for all and that’s why she sent people after you to gather evidence.”
  • Yan Wen’s eyebrows knitted closely, “That is highly probable. But she would never guessed my relationship with Jiang Sui-an.”
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