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Chapter 278 Don’t tell Yan Wen

  • The man didn’t want to see his legacy fall in his hands. At the very least, if Jiang Sui-an take over, Rising Dragon could still exist and even rise higher.
  • “Business is business. This is a good deal for me.” Jiang Sui-an told Ling Zhan.
  • However the rest of the shareholders were in distress.
  • “Mr. Jiang, you can’t do this!”
  • “Why not? Do I even need your approval for a legal transaction?” Jiang Sui-an stared coldly at them. “This is a business between me and the president of Rising Dragon. If you guys want to stop me, then you must have enough shares to exact your right. Do you have that?”
  • “Or do you simply doubt my capabilities? After Rising Dragon changes its owner it would crumble?”
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