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Chapter 441 She Is The Most Important Thing To Him

  • “Alright, I will be accompanying her for the coming shoots.”
  • No matter how safe were the coming shoots, Jiang Sui-an need to be there personally to be restful. After all, this was a movie shoot and they needed the actors to be immersive with their emotions. Jiang Sui-an would be bringing medics along and check on Yan Wen’s health all the time.
  • “You are Yan Wen’s manager, of course there's no problem with that.”
  • Yunan was happy to hear the good news. But their set just had a huge shuffling and rework, if another case like Li Wei happened, then the movie was as good as gone.
  • After that, Jiang Sui-an sacrifice his sleep time to handle the urgent company matters. He woke Rick up and did a video call with him, fully delegating the company matters to him.
  • Since he had decided to accompany Yan Wen in the set, then he must make out ample time and drop the works in the company temporarily.
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