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Chapter 31 No Regrets

  • Just as they finished speaking, a woman in platform heels stomped over, her piercing voice ringing through the corridor. "Yan Wen, are you blind? You didn't reply my message. I waited another ten minutes!"
  • Yan Wen gave her a cold once-over as Xia cleared her throat. "She's Chen Yu."
  • Chen Yu thought that Yan Wen would apologize once she realized that she had been hand-picked by Bai Zhexuan. She was smug as she said, "If you apologize sincerely, I can still forgive you."
  • "Oh, is this your first time managing?" Yan Wen shot her a glance but ignored her as she walked into her dressing room and shut the door.
  • "You!"
  • Chen Yu did not think that Yan Wen would dare to be so arrogant when the company was going to freeze her out. She kicked the dressing room door open and swept a glass off the table, shattering it.
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