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Chapter 62 Change of Manager

  • On the other hand, Yan Wen had not only accumulated a lot of popularity during this time, but also a lot of famous directors reached out with olive branches wishing to work with her. With the LKU advertisement as a starting point, the road to Yan Wen's comeback would become broader and the quality of endorsements would become even better.
  • Yan Wen was technically an artiste of Grand Entertainment and the company's senior management were very pleased with her good development prospects. But Bai Zhexuan found it difficult to celebrate.
  • The current situation ran counter to his plans. What if Jiang Lingyun was right and Yan Wen stepped on him after her successful comeback? What would he do?
  • He had requested that Yan Wen return to the office to discuss the contract, but had repeatedly been turned down by Xia using the advertisement filming as an excuse. Yan Wen was probably the artiste who cared the least about their contract in the history of the entertainment industry.
  • Yan Wen had not been dodging him on purpose, but knowing that this filming opportunity was hard to come by, she had chosen to concentrate entirely on work. The second day after the shoot finished, Yan Wen returned to the office.
  • The moment she stepped through the doors, a secretary brought her up to Bai Zhexuan's office.
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