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Chapter 24 Being Spoiled

  • The car came to a stop at a jetty along the river. Yan Wen's hair and skirt danced in the wind, while her cheeks turned rosy. Jiang Sui-an placed his suit jacket on her shoulders and put his arm around her.
  • "Please board, Mrs. Jiang."
  • Yan Wen lifted her head to look at him, placing her hand in his outstretched palm.
  • "I didn't know that the view from a yacht could be so beautiful."
  • Millions of stars lit up the night sky like a canvas. Leaning on the railing, Yan Wen soaked it all in.
  • Jazz music from the yacht's interior filled the air, as Jiang Sui-an stood on her left. "It's not enough."
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