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Chapter 17 Exposed

  • “Lingyun! Are you alright?” Jiang Lingyun’s assistant burst into the room, as if he knew this was about to happen. He was followed by a swarm of reporters who surrounded the bed, snapping photos of Jiang Lingyun’s tragic beauty.
  • “I… Stop it, stop taking photos. Yan Wen didn’t mean to hurt me. She was just angry. It was my fault and I let her down. I’ll give her the role and help her stage her comeback. Please stop taking photos.” The words might sound sincere, but she was actually hamming it up for the cameras.
  • To Yan Wen, this was clearly a pre-arranged scene.
  • The reporters turned their attention to Yan Wen. “Please explain what just happened!”
  • Yan Wen calmly looked at them and replied, “Why do I need to explain?”
  • From the bed, Jiang Lingyun cried out, “Yan Wen, hurry and go. I’ll explain for you!”
  • If she brought this standard of acting to filming, she would have become a hit a long time ago.
  • Yan Wen drew away, having lost interest, and turned to leave when Bai Zhexuan walked in.
  • Taking in the mess before him, he shot a glare at Yan Wen. When did Yan Wen become so careless! To give him more trouble under such circumstances!
  • He headed straight to Jiang Lingyun's side, worry evident in his voice. "How are you? Are you hurt?"
  • "I'm okay. Yan Wen might have misunderstood me." She gave him a piteous look.
  • As Yan Wen started to speak, Bai Zhexuan cut her off harshly. "Enough. Don't you think it's messy enough? Send her back!" He ordered his assistant.
  • Yan Wen watched the loved-up pair and averted her eyes.
  • Since this was Bai Zhexuan's choice, he had better not regret it. Yan Wen left the room stonily, telling the assistant, "I don't need you to send me. I can leave myself."
  • Even if Bai Zhexuan had not asked, she did not have the time to watch their lovefest.
  • Bai Zhexuan's assistant gave a huff of annoyance. To subordinates like them, the future Mrs. Bai was Jiang Lingyun and not Yan Wen!
  • Meanwhile, a silent storm struck.
  • In a flash, news that Yan Wen had visited Jiang Lingyun in hospital to force her to give up the role hit the headlines. Grand Entertainment immediately showed up to defend Jiang Lingyun, ignoring Yan Wen.
  • Just as everyone was talking about Yan Wen, a set of photographs emerged.
  • Dating back to four years ago, Bai Zhexuan and Jiang Lingyun's relationship was exposed. Whether it was them making eyes at each other at events, or their secret meetings caught by the paparazzi, they definitely looked like a pair of lovers.
  • There was even a photo of Jiang Lingyun at the gynaecologist's office. So Jiang Lingyun was the mistress who ruined other’s life!
  • At the same time, someone uploaded Yan Wen's amazing audition and claimed that if the portrayal of Zhen-er in the show was not as good as Yan Wen's, there was a problem with the casting.
  • Someone speculated that Yan Wen, amidst emotional toil and stress, was forced to prove herself.
  • Yet someone else said that Yan Wen was worth much more than Jiang Lingyun. However, she had been wronged by Bai Zhexuan and Grand Entertainment owed a lot her for her current situation.
  • As that was happening, the production crew was in talks with Jiang Lingyun to arrange the filming schedule. The assistant director had just started speaking when he received a phone call from his superior.
  • "Yes, I will clarify this right now."
  • Jiang Lingyun was still unaware of the matters unfolding. The assistant director showed her his phone, where an intimate photo of her and Bai Zhexuan was displayed.
  • "Miss Jiang, what sort of relationship do you and President Bai have?"
  • Jiang Lingyun became flustered. "How did you get this photo?"
  • Her first reaction already proved that the photo was not a fake. The assistant director put away the script. "Miss Jiang, while we have no say in your private life, with the situation what it is, we can only look forward to working with you next time."