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Chapter 83 Sweet Time

  • Xia saw red when she read the articles, "What reporter wrote such drivel! The gown is hanging in your house! I'm sure Jiang Lingyun is behind this. Yan Wen, do you want me to come up with a plan?"
  • Xia was unhappy that Jiang Lingyun just had to involve Yan Wen.
  • "I think Jiang Lingyun used an unspoken rule to get better conditions. Her next step will be to break off with Grand. You need to keep an eye on the hospital and ensure we have a good chance to collect evidence."
  • "Okay, I understand." Xia noted it down seriously.
  • "I don't care who she signs with. But she owes me and I want to collect."
  • As Jiang Lingyun was Grand's supported female star, the leak of such news left Bai Zhexuan in an extremely awkward position, and the company's senior management had doubts in his ability.
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