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Chapter 8 Special Treatment from Her to Him

  • Even though this was an answer he expected, Jiang Sui-an gave Yan Wen a look, adding, "My principle is once it starts, it doesn't end."
  • "I know of your style. I'm clear on what I'm doing. I'll take on the identity of Mrs. Jiang and I'm all yours, but I have a request."
  • The soulful look in her eyes gave him pause. "Speak."
  • Yan Wen answered, "My grievance with Bai Zhexuan. I would like to deal with it myself without borrowing Dahua's power."
  • Jiang Sui-an nodded in agreement.
  • This woman was different. He was interested in seeing what step she would take next and if she was worth it.
  • The two of them entered Jiang Sui-an's villa together.
  • "I have some documents to go through. You can rest a while first." He said to Yan Wen. Taking two steps forward, he pointed with his left hand. "My bedroom is there."
  • Yan Wen blushed. "Okay..."
  • He seemingly opened a door for her, one that only she could walk through.
  • Her phone buzzed. It was Xia.
  • "Yan Wen, everything's settled. The news that Jiang Lingyun has been buying roles, using her connection to Bai Zhexuan to monopolize company resources, and bullying the rookies is going to go live online."
  • "I really appreciate this, Xia." Yan Wen was extremely grateful and touched that Xia was still willing to follow her even in this situation.
  • "Don't stand on ceremony with me. You might not have realized, but the evidence was all provided to me by the employees. They've all been bullied by Jiang Lingyun and are all willing to help you. Yan Wen, do what you must. We're all supporting you."
  • "Thanks Xia. Oh yes, have you leaked the news of Jiang Lingyun's pregnancy?"
  • "Not yet. Are you sure about this? What will you do then?"
  • Xia thought Yan Wen still had feelings for Bai Zhexuan.
  • Yan Wen took a peek towards Jiang Sui-an's study and smiled. "I've also just realized that my soulmate isn't him."
  • "Then who? Is it—" Xia's observations were cut off by an incoming call. "It's Fengyu's reporter, back to work!"
  • "Sure, I'll wait for your news." Yan Wen hung up the phone, her mood very different from before.
  • In life, you had to take a step forward to know what was ahead.
  • Jiang Sui-an had appeared behind her at some point. He had not meant to eavesdrop, but he had not been far away. In addition, as an icon of the entertainment industry, it only took simple deduction on why Yan Wen wanted to marry him and the truth was within easy reach.
  • "Did you hear everything?" Yan Wen swung around and gave him a nervous look. She was suddenly afraid that she would give him a bad impression of herself.
  • "You're very decisive." Jiang Sui-an came towards Yan Wen. He lifted her chin towards him with a dangerous glint in his eyes.
  • "I'm only doing what I think is right!" Yan Wen stared at him without hesitation. "Don't mistake—"
  • "Is my opinion important?" He gave her a charming smile and let her go, turning to open the refrigerator. "I only believe what I see."
  • With these words, Yan Wen's heart was filled with an indescribable warmth.
  • Her new husband, a 9.9 out of 10.
  • ……
  • Bai Zhexuan threw his phone to the side in anger when he heard the news. "Can someone tell me what really happened?"
  • Within half an hour, Grand Entertainment was fielding countless calls from reporters. The news that Jiang Lingyun was buying roles had exploded alongside multiple anonymous reports of her bullying rookies and monopolizing company resources.
  • The investors were also chasing Bai Zhexuan for an explanation.
  • For some time, the reputation of Grand Entertainment was greatly affected by the news that Yan Wen had auditioned for Jiang Lingyun.
  • Jiang Lingyun frowned at him. "Can't you see? This is all Yan Wen's fault. She doesn't want to see me happy."
  • "It can't be. If she knew we were together, she wouldn't not confront me." Bai Zhexuan thought he understood Yan Wen well. "I'll send someone to investigate."