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Chapter 75 Detecting a Conspiracy

  • Yan Wen's performance left a deep impression on Bai Zhexuan's heart as well. His heart felt heavy listening to people around him speak about Yan Wen with admiration. In the past few years, he had not considered Yan Wen, and she had missed dozens of opportunities because of Grand Entertainment.
  • Now, she was so beautiful, so shiny, and she could leave Grand at any time.
  • It was he who had wasted Yan Wen's time and squandered her youth. While hooking up with Jiang Lingyun, he had not felt guilty and thought that Yan Wen was getting in his way. He now realized the extent of how wrong he was.
  • The scene onstage left everyone with a deep impression of Yan Wen's radiant beauty, and someone noticed how harsh Grand Entertainment's actions to disallow Yan Wen from attending the event were. The sound of whispering all around them annoyed Bai Shanshan, and Bai Zhexuan's upset expression ticked her off even more.
  • "Zhexuan, you won't be tempted by Yan Wen again right?" Bai Shanshan nudged him with her elbow.
  • "Why would I? I already have Lingyun," Bai Zhexuan replied, withdrawing his gaze from Yan Wen. There was something in his heart that already felt the change, that the distance between Yan Wen and himself was growing wider.
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