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Chapter 7 She Would Deal With It Herself

  • Why was Jiang Sui-an here! And getting involved in this situation. Everyone knew Dahua’s place in the industry and they all suspected that Jian Sui-an thought Yan Wen had committed a grave taboo too.
  • Yan Wen felt like she had jumped into the fire pit herself. From now on, this has-been acclaimed actress would never be able to gain a foothold in the industry.
  • However just when everyone thought that Jiang Sui-an was against Yan Wen, he appeared by her side, nodding to her. “Your acting is not bad.”
  • Yan Wen stared at him with wide eyes. He had watched her performance! And came out to support her… This man, the one she had just married!
  • Jiang Sui-an took in Yan Wen’s expression and turned to Director Chen, “What do you think, Director Chen?”
  • “Miss Yan Wen’s acting is natural and I cannot fault it. I believe everyone in attendance will agree.” Director Chen's eyes swept over her and he looked uncomfortable as he continued, “But just now she...”
  • “I don’t think that’s a big problem.”
  • The investor might have been aware of Jiang Sui-an’s clout, but he still ground his teeth. “No, the role in this movie must go to Jiang Lingyun.”
  • They had invested so much money, and they could not let Jiang Sui-an spoil their plan!
  • “Must? Does that mean you've already cast Jiang Lingyun in this role?” Jiang Sui-an casually mentioned. His imposing manner steamrolled over the opposition. “From my point of view, she doesn’t qualify and won’t be able to bring out the soul of this character. Unlike Yan Wen, who is very suitable.”
  • With this straightforward attitude, even a fool could see that Jiang Sui-an was going to stand by Yan Wen.
  • Yan Wen had not thought that he would suddenly appear, much less stand at her side to help her. While it was surprising, it gave her a warm feeling.
  • Knowing he had lost, the investor muttered under his breath and angrily left to find Bai Zhexuan and Grand Entertainment to sort it out.
  • "So that's how it is for now." Director Chen looked helplessly at Jiang Sui-an and sighed.
  • Jiang Sui-an gave Yan Wen a meaningful look and left with his secretary.
  • The drove of reporters surrounding her followed after him and Yan Wen was left alone.
  • While making multiple phone calls, Hui made his way to the center of the stage to glare at Yan Wen, angrily saying, "Yan Wen, you're evil. Just you wait, Xuan won't let you get away with this."
  • Yan Wen, still wrapped in the warmth of being saved by Jiang Sui-an, pulled off the mask and tossed it into the nearest trash can. Not showing any weakness, she stared at Hui. "Okay, I'll be waiting."
  • She would not let them get away with this!
  • Taking advantage of the absent reporters, she slipped out the back door and came across Jiang Sui-an's car exiting the parking lot. The black window rolled down and she saw his impassive face giving her a concerned smile. "Hop on."
  • Yan Wen nodded. "Just now… thanks."
  • Because Yan Wen was familiar with the industry, she knew very well that if Jiang Sui-an had not showed up, she would not have been able to save the situation.
  • "You're my wife. Did you think I would allow anyone to bully my woman?"
  • He raised an eyebrow, the arrogant words spilling from his mouth.
  • Was he implying that he would always defend himself?
  • "If I bring trouble to Dahua and yourself, I…" Sitting next to him, Yan Wen rubbed her fingertips together and worried her lip.
  • Jiang Sui-an just looked at her blankly. "If I were afraid of trouble, I wouldn't have married you."
  • Yan Wen's heart gave a thump. The atmosphere in the car had changed. Sitting next to this man, her heart began to speed up.
  • "Where are we going?" She hurriedly changed the topic.
  • "My place," he said calmly, observing the slightly dazed look on her face. He smirked. "I don't like delaying things. If you agree, I'll give you a wedding night you won't forget."
  • Yan Wen's face flushed but replied firmly, "I'm willing."
  • Not just to agree, but to be willing. She was clear with her choice. His name had been branded into her life, forever.
  • She was willing to give her everything to him.