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Chapter 68 His Tender Attention

  • "No wonder President Jiang kept his distance from all the female celebrities in our company. So he's already spoken for!"
  • "Even though I didn't see her face, I think she's a great beauty!"
  • Even just showing her silhouette in Dahua, Yan Wen had already become a hot topic.
  • Following Yan Wen's instructions, dinner was prepared by Jiang Sui-an himself. She ate heartily, occasionally telling him how good it was, deepening the man's smile as he sat opposite her.
  • "Eat slowly, you'll choke." He served more soup to Yan Wen, his eyes tender, "The Golden Dagger movie festival is going to start. Have you found a red carpet partner yet?"
  • Dahua's status in the entertainment industry meant that nothing escaped Jiang Sui-an's control. Especially since he had been monitoring any matter related to Yan Wen with care.
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