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Chapter 6 Who Are You!

  • Director Chen grabbed the script and stood up. He did not think Jiang Lingyun’s acting could improve so fast. From the beginning, he was not comfortable about it, but he had bowed to pressure from Grand Entertainment and invited her to audition.
  • But Jiang Lingyun’s performance exceeded his expectations. This sort of acting was more than sufficient even for a lead actresses.
  • The director gave a satisfied look at Yan Wen, and motioned the assistant director to continue the audition.
  • At this moment, someone shouted from backstage. “Jiang Lingyun acting out a crying scene? What a massive joke.”
  • Everyone turned towards the voice. Lead actress Chen Jiaojiao stepped forward and pointed at Yan Wen in the middle of the stage. “I bet that you’re not Jiang Lingyun. Are you hired by her? I really want to know what you look like under that mask.”
  • “Chen Jiaojiao, you watch your mouth. I’ll sue you for libel!” Hui hastily raced in front of Yan Wen.
  • “Sue me for libel? Go ahead! Let her take off the mask and show everyone if she really is Jiang Lingyun.”
  • “Lingyun’s so ill that she might infect others if she removes her mask. Our Lingyun is not so selfish.” Hui refuted.
  • “That’s a lousy excuse.” Chen Jiaojiao's lips curled scornfully. “Do you think everyone present is an idiot without common sense?”
  • “You...” Hui did not know what else to say. He could only keep winking at Yan Wen, telling her not to take it off.
  • “Director, what shall we do?” The assistant director listened to the clamour getting louder. “There are a lot of reporters around, maybe...”
  • Director Chen frowned up at Yan Wen on the stage, his feelings conflicted.
  • "Miss Jiang, did you want to surprise everyone? Have you been working on your acting skills recently?" A reporter was first to ask.
  • More people rushed forward, and in the confusion, Hui was pushed out of the crowd.
  • “Miss Jiang, are you really sick? Why don’t you take off your mask?”
  • “Are you really Jiang Lingyun?”
  • Yan Wen bent her head, glancing at the frantic Hui outside the crowd of people. In order to sully Jiang Lingyun’s name, she took a deep breath and took off her mask in front of everyone.
  • Bowing to Director Chen, she said, “Director Chen, I apologise, I’m not Jiang Lingyun.”
  • Jiang Lingyun, the entertainment industry's hottest screen siren turned into Yan Wen, the multiple award-winning acclaimed actress who left the silver screen two years ago, leaving everyone shocked. Yan Wen’s popularity had dipped after she had left the entertainment industry but now she was reduced to auditioning for others!
  • “What? Where’s Jiang Lingyun?”
  • “Yan Wen, what are you doing here? You’ve been away for two years.”
  • “Why are you auditioning for Jiang Lingyun? Are you trying to make a comeback?”
  • “We all know that Grand Entertainment is promoting Jiang Lingyun after you retired. They're even sending her to an international film festival. Are you trying to take her place?”
  • The questions were overwhelming and Yan Wen did not know who to answer and how.
  • “You’ve already been forgotten by the audience...”
  • “No matter how good your acting is, without anyone's backing, it’s pointless!”
  • The crew present all felt cheated, including Director Chen. He sighed heavily. If Yan Wan had informed him in advance, he would have been delighted to have her act for him, but now she had deceived everyone.
  • Yan Wen was surrounded by reporters and forced into the middle of the stage, unable to leave. One of the investors in the movie ran over and screamed at her, “Who do you think you are? Daring to take it upon yourself to audition for Lingyun? You think you're good enough?”
  • The piercing sound filled the small theater and Yan Wen quietly tolerated it.
  • She had suspected this would happen, but faced with the reality of the situation, the humiliation left her breathless.
  • Just then, the doors slammed open and Jiang Sui-an strode in.
  • “How sad...”
  • His voice was mellow as wine, his aura arresting. Seeing him come over, the reporters cleared a path for him. This was Dahua Entertainment’s president, an important person in the industry!