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Chapter 53 Counterattack

  • Xia frowned and stepped up to look through the clothes. Angrily, she said, "These clothes are so plain, you'll just look very tired on-screen. Did Jiang Lingyun do this on purpose? I'm going to look for her!"
  • "Xia, there's no need," Yan Wen called out to her softly and shook her head. "Since we're overseas, don't give the crew any problems. I think this one is fine."
  • She pointed out a blue dress with a simple design that would highlight her qualities.
  • "Is it really okay?" Xia was angry, but she respected Yan Wen's choice. Also, if Yan Wen did so, she must have a plan!
  • Xia waved the crew member out.
  • "Backstage is not for me to show off my beauty, but my professionalism. Being too dressed up will only turn people off. Could you ask the make-up artist to change my hairstyle?"
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