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Chapter 497 Settling The Problem

  • After the directors heard Yan Wen, they didn't even know how to respond.
  • Yan Wen spoke again and her tone was cold, “If anyone was dissatisfied, you are free to voice it out anytime. Why do you want to defame our company like that?”
  • “You are just a showgirl that sleeps around and entertains others to get what you want. How dare you acting all high and mighty in front of us?!”
  • “We don’t care about the reputation or fame, now we just want this issue to be settled. If you can’t do it then you aren’t worthy of the position of the acting director. Hurry and get out from the Yan Group!”
  • “Yeah, what’s the point of arguing here?! Let’s focus on solving this issue.”
  • Yan Rou gnashed her teeth and stood at a side glaring at Yan Wen. How could Yan Wen sit on the Yan Group’s chairperson’s seat!? How dare she?! And why had grandpa passed her the authority?
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