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Chapter 491 Backfire

  • “Alright, we will be taking good care of ourselves. You must make sure to rest enough too. Listen to Sui-an, don’t make him worry.”
  • Yan Wen had a joyous smile on her face…
  • Yeah, as long as he was by her side…
  • “Right, I heard from secretary Han that Jie is going to organize a concert! Can I go take a look?” Old man Yan’s voice was shaking and filled with excitement. He used to think that the showbiz is a filthy place and he wouldn’t acknowledge Yan Wen’s achievements in this field. However after experiencing all these incidents first hand, the man had changed from his stubborn ways.
  • He was now proud to see her granddaughter being loved and supported by so many people. As long as the kids were upright, virtuous and willing to work hard for their future. The grandpa was nothing but supportive.
  • Now that the man had free up, he wanted to catch up on all that he missed out and watch his grandchildren performing on stage…
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