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Chapter 49 Danger Lurks Again

  • "Yan Wen, the company has its policies. If every artiste is like you, how can we manage?" Bai Shanshan retorted on purpose. "At the most, if you oppose any activity, the company will respect your wishes. We can talk about the rest when we get back home."
  • Yan Wen hesitated for a while, looking from Bai Zhexuan to Jiang Lingyun, before she reluctantly nodded.
  • "One more thing, this is the last time I will be associated with Jiang Lingyun. After we return, I don't ever want to be in the same frame as her."
  • Yan Wen was not going to give them any opportunities to use her again.
  • Bai Shanshan leaned back and waved lazily. "Alright, I agree."
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