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Chapter 486 Let The Game Continue

  • The directors looked at each other and they too, misunderstood old man Yan’s words, thinking that he wanted to pass the baton back to Yan Rou.
  • “I knew the chairman wouldn’t let that showgirl come here! That’s right, how can they let such a joke take over?”
  • “How dare you speak like that!” Some directors felt that Yan Wen was the better choice. Yan Rou had been managing the company previously and they could see the limit of her competence already.
  • “Then let us head back first.” Yan Rou stood up and said.
  • The directors got up and Yan Rou was just standing by the door of the meeting room and watched them leave. At that moment, she realized that she must do something to impress the board of directors for them to acknowledge her!
  • It would be a good opportunity for her to solve Zeng Eryu’s kidnap this time!
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