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Chapter 48 Insufficiently Qualified

  • Jason raised his hand to stop her. He said coldly, "I'm not here to sign the contract, but to inform you that the directorial team has confirmed a Chinese actress. It's not Jiang Lingyun."
  • "What?"
  • Bai Shanshan froze.
  • "Jason, what happened? You watched Lingyun's video, she definitely has—"
  • "Those were your lies! The video was blurry, was it really Jiang Lingyun? And yesterday you told me that Yan Wen was just a washed-up actress with no previous credits and a lot of shameful behavior!"
  • Jason angrily slammed the document folder onto the table. "She's a best actress grand slam recipient and Narsha's good friend. Between her and Jiang Lingyun, even a fool would know who to choose."
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