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Chapter 476 He Will Protect One Of His

  • Now that someone blew the whistle on him saying he had been involved in others’ relationship, that would be ruining his reputation. It might even risk sabotaging his career.
  • After all, he wasn’t as famous as Yan Wen and that kind of blow could’ve caused him everything.
  • Yan Jie had work schedule on the day but because of this sudden news, it was forced to be postponed. He browsed the news on his handphone and saw the other party condemning him. Yan Jie sneered and remarked, “How amusing.”
  • Ying Mo was surprised to see that as she was standing behind the man. She walked forward and told him, “It will be solved.”
  • “I don’t mind what happens to my reputation, I'm just…”
  • “You couldn’t bear being lied to like that.” Ying Mo spoke the man’s mind directly, “I’ve warned you to always remember your identity as an artist. That was because you are the young master of the Yan family and also Yan Wen’s brother. Those are secrets that you can’t reveal.”
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