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Chapter 473 Unbelievable Truth

  • “That was such a good news! When did it happen?” Yan Jie sat excitedly next to Yan Wen, “Does that mean I will be an uncle soon?”
  • “Yeah, it’s been quite some time now.” Yan Wen answered back smilingly.
  • “Then why didn't we hear anything from you at all? Or, was it because you don’t plan to let the family know?” Yan Jie said in disappointment.
  • Yan Wen pondered for a while and told him everything Yan Rou did. After all, she had no intention to keep it a secret for Yan Rou.
  • “I…” Yan Jie was very angered yet he felt helpless, he stood up immediately and said, “Was she really so cruel? No, I must get back and tell grandpa about this, we must chase her out right away!”
  • “There’s no need for that. Aside from you and Yan Chen, everyone had known about it.” Yan Wen stopped him rationally, “The reason I tell you today was not because I wanted your help to do something. You simply have to treat it as if you didn't know anything.”
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