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Chapter 471 Does That Mean She Can Go Back To Yan Family Now?

  • This incident continued to cause a furore in the showbiz. The ten over management companies and artists saw that the incident escalated and some of the artists went to lock their profiles and even deleted all the comments they posted.
  • But how could they be deleting all traces in the internet? Yan Wen’s fans would not let them get away too.
  • Some of the artists from small companies posted public apology late in the night, saying they were influenced and made a mistake. And they would look for Yan Wen in private to seek her forgiveness.
  • Apology?
  • There was no need for that!
  • “Yan Wen wouldn’t be bothered by your apology. Yan Wen had done that to show grace towards your ill intention. And now you want to rouse popularity saying that?”
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