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Chapter 470 Settled

  • Since they were saying the actress shamelessly stirred hypes, and also pretentious, then Yan Wen simply showed everyone her attitude.
  • Saying that she was hoarding the best resources yet pretended to be upright? Alright then, she announced her retirement.
  • She didn't even bother to give a reason for not accepting the directors’ invitations and she simply gave such a response.
  • “Yan Wen, can you please tell us why would you come to such a decision? Is it because of the pressure in the internet and it affected your health? Or are you simply disappointed with the showbiz?”
  • “Neither. Being an actor, I simply feel that there's so much more aside from acting, there's too much responsible to do. And I have discussed this in depth with my manager before arriving to this decision. I will not be retiring for anyone. And I did it because of personal reason, and it’s not convenient for me to share it right now.”
  • “Thank you all for supporting me thus far. And I am glad to find out that there were so many jealousies towards my achievements, and see how hard they try to pull me down. Now my near-future plan is to rest. An indefinite rest.”
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