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Chapter 467 Yan Wen Is Going For The Talk Show

  • When Yan Wen heard Ying Mo, she thought it was a brilliant idea, “That’s good. Although Yan Jie had some basics now, it was much better if we could have someone trustworthy to assist him from the side. I believe you can be of great help.”
  • “I will make sure to do it properly. Sis Wen, I really want to thank you for taking such great care of me.” Ying Mo stood up and bowed towards Yan Wen very respectfully, “I have truly learnt a lot being by your side.”
  • Not just work, but most importantly how to carry oneself.
  • “It was I that should thank you. I wouldn’t be able to breeze through all these while without your help.” Yan Wen held her hand and answered her.
  • “But… I just couldn’t shake off a bad feeling for your joining the talk show this time.” Being Yan Wen’s assistant, Ying Mo could be considered someone that dealt extensively in the showbiz and she had been hearing all those gossips about her lately.
  • “Don’t worry. I can handle it.”
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