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Chapter 460 Giving Her A Public Confession

  • “I was simply acting back then,” Ouyang Hai held Bai Xiaoxiao’s hand firmly and enunciated seriously, “Nothing happened between us. There were CCTVs in the parking lot. If you don’t believe me, then let’s go dig out the tape!”
  • “But you are showing acquiescence to what she said…”
  • “Since when did I do so? Yu Feifei and I were simply using each other. I do admit that I was too extreme back then. But I was just at the end of my wits.”
  • “Hmph!” Bai Xiaoxiao turned her head over. Actually the young lady knew that Ouyang Hai had an obsessive-compulsive disorder. He wouldn’t get into the same car with some women he just met a few times… The reason she was angry was because she felt cheated, and Ouyang Hai had planned this to manipulate her!
  • “Alright now, don’t be angry. Can we get something to eat? Let’s go get changed and I’ll bring you to eat something nice.” Ouyang Hai rubbed on Bai Xiaoxiao’s hair, “You must not lose any weight anymore.”
  • Bai Xiaoxiao blinked her eyes. She was indeed dying of boredom at home and she wanted a breather outside. Therefore she changed into a leisure sportswear and wore a cap.
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