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Chapter 447 Unable To Take Back

  • That was the first night Yan Rou spent in the Yan household after she returned. She had roused the old man’s compassion by faking a faint. After that she hid in her own room to make a call to her mother-in-law.
  • “Zeng Eryu came back today. She publicly questioned my intention to come back here. Luckily I figured a counter, otherwise things would get troublesome…”
  • “When she kicked you out from the Yan family back then, she should have expected a day like this to come. Don’t worry, now you have a bargaining chip, you can easily get her kicked out from the house.” Her mother-in-law said cruelly over the phone.
  • “But she was a changed woman now. She wasn’t as meek as before and she has the authority at home. I worry that I wouldn’t be able to oppose her.” Yan Rou sighed.
  • “Come on now, she was just your father’s woman. She wouldn’t be too difficult, right? But this is your household’s issue and mum wouldn’t understand as well as you. There's nothing that I can help.” All the mother-in-law intended was to get Yan Rou back home and get the authority of the Yan family. However, she was worried that when things got exposed she might be dragged along, so she didn't want to interfere too much.
  • Now that Yan Rou had gotten back home, she needed to figure her own steps on her own.
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