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Chapter 437 Unacceptable Test Result

  • After hearing what the doctor said, Yan Wen’s palms turned icy cold.
  • “My body seems all too fine, why would…” She was unable to accept the reality.
  • “Probably it was because you're an actress and you need to keep maintaining your figure, in addition of your habit of working late, so even if your body is showing symptoms, you wouldn’t be noticing it right away. Actually its fortunate that you notice it now, as long as you do the surgery in the early stage, you will not have a risk of life.” The doctor lifted the report and put it before Yan Wen, “Our hospital has numerous cases and experiences with this surgery. You can rest assured. We will be opening a small wound and it will not leave any scars.”
  • “One more thing, the chance for your pregnancy is simply too little and we suggest that you stop work for the time being and just focus on getting your health back.”
  • When Jiang Sui-an saw that Yan Wen was shivering, he closed in and hugged her shoulders, letting her lean on himself, “Doctor, are you saying that she should stop her acting?”
  • “Of course! Your wife’s health condition is already bad, why would you want to exhaust her further? Unless the both of you have no thoughts on having kids for the rest of your lives!”
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