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Chapter 430 Accepted His Granddaughter In Law

  • The Jiang family had no problem to accept Yan Wen’s career as an actress. However, she was an actress and currently making progress in her field, probably she might indefinitely postpone her family planning for the sake of shooting for a few more years. The young couple might even plan not to have kids.
  • Now that old man Jiang heard her response, he rested his heart.
  • “Then shouldn’t you change your greetings towards me? Don’t think that I had been too harsh with you previously…”
  • “I won’t. I’ve learnt a lot from grandpa’s tutoring.” Yan Wen answered naturally. That was her true thoughts.
  • Once old man Jiang heard her, his eyebrows raised and his eyes smiled into a crescent, “I want to continue to shoot for this movie, and don’t think that you can slack off.”
  • “Please rest assured.” A smile blossomed on Yan Wen’s face too. The woman was emotional and excited, after all, she had just found out that old man Jiang was actually Jiang Sui-an’s grandpa.
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