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Chapter 43 Deployment Phase

  • Yan Wen was in no hurry to rush to the hotel or to ask about the work arrangements, so Bai Shanshan had no knowledge of what happened on the plane. Circling around, Bai Shanshan took off her sunglasses and gave Yan Wen a meaningful look. "It's been a few years, and you still look as beautiful. My brother didn't make a bad choice, but… I've heard about some rumors."
  • Yan Wen took measure of Bai Shanshan's attitude.
  • The Bai family had always been hesitant about her and Bai Zhexuan. For her to say so much, Bai Shanshan was definitely aware of the news that Yan Wen and Bai Zhexuan had broken up. Then, it was possible that the filming of this show was Bai Shanshan's idea.
  • Compared to proud and impetuous Jiang Lingyun, Bai Shanshan was a formidable opponent.
  • "With technological improvements, good news stays at home but bad news travels far," Yan Wen replied pointedly. But Bai Shanshan pretended not to understand. Instead, she smiled generously. She spoke in a tone filled with disdain, as if it was perfectly fine that the Bais no longer had Yan Wen for their future daughter-in-law.
  • "It's very normal for the young people nowadays to break up and get together again. Your industry is a such a mess after all. A business-minded man like Zhexuan really needs someone to support him and worry about him. I think with your family relations so frosty, it's good for Zhexuan that you broke up. If you really love him, you should be happy for him and Lingyun."
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