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Chapter 424 Obtaining Evidence

  • All she hoped for was that they could go back to the past and she would dread to see things fall apart and Li Wei gets into trouble…
  • Since Li Wei hadn't told Ximan anything about his plan, the woman could only guess herself. And it was all because of that that she didn’t suspect the authenticity of the call.
  • That night, Ximan left the hotel alone and drove to a late-night bar.
  • But she didn't see Li Wei after a long time and before she wanted to leave, she received a call from Ouyang Hai.
  • “I am stuck here with some reporters and can’t leave. You should head back first and wait for my call.”
  • Once Ximan heard that, she was scared and she didn't doubt the phone call at all. She hurriedly went back the hotel and she didn't even notice that she was being followed.
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