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Chapter 423 He Will Personally Prove Her Innocence

  • After the reporters that interview Li Wei was asked to leave, Li Wei accepted the police officers’ inquire about and made a record.
  • After that, the policemen went to Da Hua and requested to seek an audience with Yan Wen.
  • After that the news went viral and the entire showbiz was shaken. Could the one behind the malicious attack was really Yan Wen?
  • But… She was already in the middle of so much rumors. Why would she still do that to sabotage her own career?
  • In order to avoid too much attention, the policemen didn't bring Yan Wen back to the station, and they did a recorded interview with her in Da Hua’s meeting room.
  • Jiang Sui-an didn't stop that but he gathered all 3 of the most competent internal lawyers of Da Hua and they went with Yan Wen.
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