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Chapter 418 Changing The Male Lead

  • According to trustworthy sources from the internal members, aside from acting in the set, Yan Wen had been cooking and doing chores for an old actor.
  • Just that and numerous media companies had been thrown into a furore. They had written and published something far worse and indecent. There were even rumors that Jiang Sui-an had secretly divorced Yan Wen because of that.
  • However, due to the fact that Yan Wen was still an artist of Da Hua, they didn't announce it for the sake of company’s interest.
  • When old man Jiang saw the news, he immediately summoned Yunan.
  • “Look at the great male lead you had chosen.”
  • Li Wei did something that would cause troubles for the set. Even if he got what he wanted and changed the female lead. But after the shooting was done and the movie was in its review stage, Da Hua would be working on their end to make sure a movie that negatively impacted their reputation would not be seeing light.
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