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Chapter 412 Granddaughter In Law With A Passing Grade

  • He seemed to be insinuating something. But before Yan Wen could answer, he turned around to handle the situation.
  • Yan Wen didn't say much and she took out her phone to call Jiang Sui-an. In the same moment, she received the man’s call, “All done?”
  • “Yeah, all within the plan.”
  • “Then can Mrs. Jiang take a day off and have lunch with me?” Jiang Sui-an said as he parked his car at the set entrance, “I’ll be waiting outside.”
  • After Yan Wen hung up the call, she took her jacket and walked out the set. She saw Jiang Sui-an’s car parking by the roadside and the moment she opened the car door, she was hugged by a warm body.
  • “Don’t worry, everything is settled.”
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