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Chapter 409 Test

  • She could keep their relationship a secret for now and she could also give up on the female lead for this movie, because she had realized that Yan Wen was not only witty, and Yan Wen was a scary person should she turned into an enemy. The biggest threat was the man, Jiang Sui-an behind her.
  • If Yan Wen was harmed by them, then Jiang Sui-an wouldn’t let them off easily. He would do everything he could to avenge Yan Wen.
  • Ximan recalled that icy cold gaze from the set and she felt a cold shudder down her spine. That man was truly frightening.
  • On the other hand, when Li Wei saw Ximan’s text, he laughed uncaringly.
  • When Ximan didn't receive any reply from Li Wei, she got more and more anxious. She knew Li Wei’s temper all too well. The man would not give up before achieving his goal. But they really couldn’t afford to touch Yan Wen for now. Otherwise they would just bring harm to themselves. Maybe Ximan should even get closer and be on Yan Wen’s good side. Therefore in case anything happens in the future, she might be able to say something.
  • “Sis Yan Wen, should I continue to keep an eye on them?”
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