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Chapter 407 Jealousy Makes A Person Mad

  • He wanted to make Yan Wen stay. But his rationality told him that he should let her enter the set with everyone else for her best interest.
  • Yan Wen sat in the car and watch as the man from the rear mirror until his reflection was gone…
  • She would try her best to work harder just so she could finish work earlier and go home to his side earlier.
  • Jiang Sui-an was like the air for her survival. She dreaded every single time when they had to part ways.
  • That very same night Yan Wen and her assistant Ying Mo checked in the hotel the production crew arranged for them. And the woman stayed up the whole night thinking what present to give her man. Therefore she appeared disturbed all night.
  • “Sis Wen, do you want to take a stroll in the garden?” Ying Mo suggested as she saw that she was troubled.
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