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Chapter 406 For The Sake Of Marketing

  • After hearing Yunan, Ximan was the first to respond in a cheerful manner, “Relax, director Yu. We will be working together in this.”
  • Yunan nodded and glanced across the room. He didn't see Jiang Sui-an and therefore he asked Yan Wen, “Is president Jiang coming today?” This was the opening ceremony after all. Being Yan Wen’s manager, shouldn’t Jiang Sui-an make an appearance to support her?
  • “He is on his way.” Yan Wen replied.
  • Ximan and Li Wei exchanged a glance and they derided her. What personal manager! That was merely her back-up to play dirty tricks! However the two had hidden their emotions well and no one noticed that.
  • Soon after, the opening ceremony and press conference commenced officially.
  • Firstly the supporting actors made their entrance. When Ximan was about to go on stage, she instinctively turned back and looked at her boyfriend Li Wei. According to the schedule, the male and female leads would be appearing together and in the last. And therefore Ximan had lost the chance to appear together with her boyfriend.
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