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Chapter 403 Only She Could Play The Female Lead

  • Yunan was so immersed in Yan Wen’s acting and he forgot to continue with the dialogue. He was too close to Yan Wen and he hadn't thought she could deliver such a splendid job! He couldn’t find any blemish in her performance at all.
  • Yunan frowned, “Again!”
  • Yan Wen blinked, lowered her hand and retreated two steps back to her original position. She merely used 2 seconds to revert to her original condition, her quiet and tranquil personality. The strong headed and fiery female lead was gone instantaneously.
  • Yunan saw her changes and he was overwhelmed.
  • He must take her seriously and not belittle her anymore.
  • As soon as the assistant called the cue, Yan Wen entered the acting mode again. However she didn't start all over again and simply continued where they left off, with the same emotion and dialogue.
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