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Chapter 401 Little Trouble

  • And so, the other actress, Ximan would definitely have an edge over her.
  • Yunan contemplated for a moment. If he were to pick Ximan, it would be a safe bet. Therefore he happily agreed to Old man Jiang’s request, “Alright, I’ll make sure to arrange it to Mr. Jiang’s satisfaction.”
  • “Be more serious, otherwise you might have a hard time explaining that to Sui-an.”
  • “I think president Jiang wouldn’t be causing trouble for me for something so pesky right?” Yunan took a sip on his coffee and smiled indifferently.
  • Old man Jiang averted his gaze mirthfully and said no more.
  • The old man was aware of Jiang Sui-an’s temper. If that man would be acted rashly, then most probably it was for Yan Wen! That would be a common problem with the Jiang men, all of them pamper their wives and would not accept any malice towards them.
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