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Chapter 399 Did She Really Not Know?

  • Ouyang Hai’s face turned sour all of a sudden. The man had been treating Bai Xiaoxiao so well and yet he still couldn’t win against Yan Wen.
  • Bai Xiaoxiao didn't have a clue and she went over to greet Yan Wen smilingly, “Sis Yan Wen!”
  • And Yan Wen immediately saw Ouyang Hai’s expression.
  • “Sis Yan Wen, I miss you so much…”
  • “I miss you too. But don’t you see someone’s was sulking?” Yan Wen chuckled.
  • Ouyang Hai was not too far behind Bai Xiaoxiao. He got himself a glass of champagne and he drank a mouthful in vex. How could an Oscar winner like him be reduced to this state…? That he had to keep an eye on his assistant all the time in case she ran off with others…
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