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Chapter 395 The Deadlock Is Broken

  • Jiang Sui-an gave Qin Yu the night to investigate, and he quickly had news of Wu Jingran's sister Wu Jingshu. The school had organized a closed learning activity, which was why she had not contacted her family in a while.
  • But it was confirmed that she was in school and safe.
  • When Wu Jingran and Yan Jie received the news, they were sitting in front of the dance studio's mirror. The room was dark, with only the glow of the street light outside.
  • "I didn't realize that President Jiang is so powerful. He immediately knew what they were up to. Otherwise, I would have been so worried." Wu Jingran let out a deep sigh, and lay on the floor.
  • "Well, he's my brother-in-law. If he wasn't powerful, why would my sister marry him?" Yan Jie was happy for her. "Since your sister is safe, dealing with Chairman Huang will be easier."
  • Wu Jingran nodded, hiding the emotion in her damp eyes. "It's still early. I'll play the accompaniment, you practise the next two parts."
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