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Chapter 389 I'm More Worried About You

  • "What you're going through now could have been avoided!"
  • "How about we publicize our relationship. Would that help?"
  • Yan Wen laughed softly. "I don't think I need to use your reputation to get popular? Even if you don't believe me, at least believe in your brother-in-law's ability."
  • "Of course I do! It's just that I've seen so many artistes disappear. I'm worried about you." Yan Jie had experienced the warmth and coldness of this industry in these past few months. As he had gained quite a bit of popularity and showed up in the top searches, if they revealed their sibling relationship, it would bring from attention to Yan Wen.
  • "Life is full of countless choices. Since I already chose that role, I will keep on going until the end. As long as I put all my effort into it, I have no regrets, and no one can take away what I deserve." Yan Wen was full of confidence. "Sui-an and I both have faith. There's no need to worry."
  • "But… it's almost time."
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