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Chapter 364 Trust Me

  • Yan Wen had complete faith on Jiang Sui-an and thus she didn’t ask much but went home first.
  • However there were no secrets in the showbiz and soon enough she learnt of the news that her role was replaced.
  • “I don’t even know that I was replaced…” Yan Wen tiled her head and looked at Jiang Sui-an.
  • Jiang Sui-an nodded, “Yeah, but that’s alright. You deserve a much better role so just treat this one as an experience.”
  • Yan Wen understood him. Since Jiang Sui-an agreed to the change, then she wouldn’t need to ponder further. If the incident could be settled, Jiang Sui-an wouldn’t even let her have a chance to hear the news.
  • Since he made the call, she would give her full cooperation. The woman knew that Jiang Sui-an would try his very best to give her the best the world has to offer. All the past ad jobs and movie offers she got was perfect examples.
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