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Chapter 327 Scheming Big Boss

  • Xia had also seen the screenshots posted by the fans. That director was just too much!
  • She smacked the table in anger. "I was wondering why he kept filming lousy movies, turns out it is because he's a lousy person. And to attack Dahua like this, he's not even the least bit professional! Has he seen you act? He hasn't, so he had no right to say anything!"
  • Directors and audiences had the most right to speak about an actor's acting skills, but this director had never even seen Yan Wen before. What right did he have to say hurtful things?
  • Did he think just because he had shot some movies before, he got to bully people like this?
  • "It's his freedom to say whatever he wants." Yan Wen's reaction was very calm; nothing surprised her anymore.
  • But Xia was still simmering over with indignance.
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