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Chapter 325 Identity of the Female Lead

  • Nobody would believe if she said she didn’t know the author.
  • “Lend it to me!” Han Yi said and raised his hand to take the book. But Yan Wen rejected him.
  • “No… I can’t lend this one.” Yan Wen was uncompromising.
  • “Then why do you bring it here every day and make us envious!” Han Yi jeered at her, “That’s just showing off!”
  • Yan Wen giggled heartily. The woman was finally restful because the dark clouds that burdened her were lifted.
  • Now as Fragment of Memories gained fame, more and more were driven to find out information about the movie. In addition of Da Hua being secretive all the time with the female lead’s identity, the paparazzi couldn’t hold it in anymore and they mobilized everything they had to get their hands on intelligence.
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