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Chapter 321 Make a Block Book to Support Box Office

  • The woman supported Yan Wen and she believed Yan Wen could definitely do a good job. However after seeing for herself how Yan Wen was unaffected by the immense pressure and even delivered such a sensational performance, she was nothing but awe-struck.
  • “President Jiang is truly an insightful man to sign you!”
  • “No wonder you rejected so many job offers. It was all for this play!”
  • “Now you would support me more?” Yan Wen chuckled.
  • She understood that Shangguan Li gave her unconditional support because she was her best friend. She did it out of their relationship. However, she too, was an actress and she understood the significance of Yan Wen’s golden window. The reason she said she would be supporting Yan Wen was because she didn’t want to increase her pressure. However, after confirming Yan Wen’s acting skills, she whole heartedly looked forward for the movie and to see her play!
  • “There are new bloods emerging almost every second in our line. It wasn’t easy to persevere on one’s unique style and attain something from that. It was just difficult to get truly personalised resources and what more, the competition was always fierce. The only thing we can do is to improve ourselves unceasingly and take up new challenges.” Shangguan Li lifted her wine glass and exclaimed.
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