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Chapter 311 Twist

  • In just 20 minutes in the set, she could pull this off?
  • Most importantly, Yan Wen’s carry was precise to the millimetres. Not a single tear more and not less. When compared to those popular idols, her acting was considered top class educational material.
  • Yan Wen said nothing. The mastery of the role was subjective to actor’s imagination. Maybe she had invested a great deal of time to study the female lead and she had really put herself in the female lead’s shoe. Therefore she could identify with her feelings and bring the character to life.
  • At that time, Yan Wen had already noticed Jiang Sui-an amongst the crowd…
  • Beiber followed Yan Wen’s gaze and he saw Jiang Sui-an. He took off his metallic spec and walked towards the man then shook his hand.
  • “She is truly a prodigy, born to be an artist. I believe she will continue to produce more awe-inspiring works!”
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