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Chapter 310 How can I be absent for such an important event

  • Bieber could tell Yan Wen’s determination and he knew that Yan Wen was a woman of her words. She wanted to do her best and give every crew member a fair chance. Therefore Bieber agreed.
  • “Get everyone to studio 1.”
  • “Thanks!”
  • The two were conversing in French and of course the others wouldn’t understand what was happening. The only one that got them was assistant director Zhang. He was one of Bieber’s crew and he was proficient with 4 languages. The part he played was to collaborate between the director and the actors when they work.
  • Yan Wen was bold enough to invite every crew member to decide if she should stay in the set and cast the female lead!
  • The woman showed no sign of anxiety under such intense pressure.
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