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Chapter 309 She does it for him

  • After Xia saw the news update, she knew she made the right guess. The woman went to look for Yan Wen, “They really change it to you?”
  • Yan Wen nodded in affirmation, “Yeah. It’s me.”
  • She would be entering the set very soon.
  • Although Xia had made mental preparations, she was still surprised after finding out what happened.
  • “But if you just go about like this, wouldn’t they ridicule you and dislike you? Last time I think the male lead, Han Yi wasn’t too happy with you. And there are the others…”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll think of something.” Yan Wen rolled her luggage and spoke to Xia, “You should get packed too. You should be with me for the time being, in case anything happens.”
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